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About FREE Bionics-FREE Bionics - developer of exoskeleton
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The Journey began with the first team of scientists in ITRI Taiwan dedicated to develop exoskeletons. Since then, we continue to overcome obstacles and challenge the impossibilities. With the 2016 R&D 100 award, in 2017 FREE Bionics Inc spun off from ITRI and became the first independent company in Taiwan in R&D of the powered exoskeletons/ exo-suits. developing exoskeleton bionic technology products.
The FREE Bionics Inc. team is committed to find better solutions for disabilities through technological advancements. We believe in our principle to make the world the better place for all.
From being the first among the Chinese market to being the first in the world. Free Bionics Inc. inherited the researching spirits from ITRI and strive to become the very best company in providing products and services for the disabled.

  • FREE Bionics Taiwan - headquarters
    • founded date2017年2月
    • founder巫震華
    • employees45-55人
    • Capital amount90,416,670元 (實收)
    • Tel+886-3-5711568
    • Add9F.-G, No.1, Sec. 3, Gongdao 5th Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 30069, Taiwan
  • FREE Bionics Japan
    • founded date2017年4月
    • founder巫震華
    • employees10人
    • Capital amount7000萬日圓 (資本準備金5000萬日圓)
    • Tel+81-03-6457-2789 
    • Add〒135-0063東京都江東區 有明3-4-10TFT大廈西館7樓
  • FREE Bionics China
    • founded date2018年11月
    • founder巫震華
    • employees2人
    • Capital amount300萬元人民幣
    • Add北京市通州區臨河里1號樓11層2單元1110
Our spirit

Break and Renew

"Can be better"
We all believed so.
We listen carefully for people's unsatisfied crave and dreams
With our imagination and technology, we answers to people's longing.
Developing products which made people's life fulfilled and convenient.

We are FREE Bionics
We are one of the good forces to make the world a better place

Our vision

Tempered technologies with human warmth

Technologies should be able to gather people together
We hope FREE Bionics's products can have the power
which can make people have beautiful interactions

There are always ups and downs in life.
It is a successful product if it can give people hope and enlightenment.
It's our pleasure to accompany you go through those moments with you.

Brand Value

Enthusiasm eagerness passion

At the very fisrt beginning
FREE Bionics' composition is simple -
It is composed of a group of passionate R&D engineers

This DNA attracts people who share same values
We all love challenges and we committed to make heart warming products for people in needs.
We believe that only when we have passion and eagerness with us
can we create values for our users, partners, and stakeholders.

People is our only concern while developing the products

Product development principles

We care about what you need

All our products have to achieve three criteria.
It should be able to make people feel reliable, happy and amazed.

- Nothing is more important than your safety-
All products are required to meet medical device requlations.
The quality and safety of the products are strictly controlled.
Eliminate all risks so that you can use our product with no worries.

- Resonate with your true feeling anytime -
We listen and observ carefully when we design the products for you.
Making sure any tiny details are fit for your needs.
Making sure you are happy everytime when you use our products.

- Realize your imagination with latest technology -
Cooperating with top medical development teams aborad,
We offer solutions and products that are different from the past
Renew your vision.